A six week programme for people who are living with a long term health condition

What Is This Course?


The course is a six week programme, run once a week for two and a half hours.

Over the six weeks you will learn new skills to manage your health condition on a day to day basis.

You will meet other people living with long term conditions in an open,

relaxed and non-judgemental


This is a free 6 week course.

The course book costs €20 (Medical Card holders - €12).  However, a refund of this is available if, at the end of the course, the book is returned in good condition.



What Can I Learn By Doing This Course?


Topics covered on the programme are:


  • How to work with you health care team  (GP, Nurse, Hospital, Consultant, etc.)

  • How to better manage your symptoms.

  • Effective use and management of your medications.

  • Better communication skills.

  • How to cope with fatigue .

  • How to relax.

  • How to exercise in a safe and easy way.

  • Tips for better eating habits.

  • How to deal better with difficult emotions, such as fear, anger and depression.

  • How to identify and use resources better to your advantage.

  • Effective problem solving

  • How to make an achievable action plan.

Is This Course For Me?

If you are living with any long term chronic condition, this course could be for you. 


For example, some long term

conditions are:

· Asthma

· Arthritis

· Diabetes

· Cancer

· Heart disease

· MS

Any health condition which affects you on a daily basis and which you have to manage daily, is considered a long term health Condition.



What Have Others Got From This Course?


The skills that are taught in this
programme can help people manage their long term health condition while still living a full and active life.
Participants who have done this course have reported that they feel less worried about the future and are no longer as frustrated with their health condition.
Participants also said that they felt that their illness and its treatment did not
intrude as much in their day to day lives.

Before I attended the course, I felt trapped and unsure of my future. Meeting others going through a similar struggle living with a chronic condition, really helped me to realise I was not alone. The level of support I got was unexpected and as a group we all encouraged each other throughout the programme”


"I loved the simplicity of the course, the small group, the relaxed atmosphere and the interaction with other participants.  For the first time in many years I came away with a more positive attitude that I could live a better life while managing my chronic health conditions and I have never looked back."



The Symptom Cycle

Originally developed by Stanford University School of Medicine California.

Now operated by the Self-Management Resource Center