Useful Links

Newstalk Radio Interview

The Living Well Programme for people living with chronic conditions featured on Newstalk with Dr. Veronica O’Doherty and Declan Daly , a programme leader who has undertaken the programme in studio with Pat Kenny. You can listen back to the programme through the following link - Veronica and Declan appear approx 30 minutes into the programme. The link takes a minute to work!

The Case for Self Management

Prof. Kate Lorig, Stanford University

The CDSMP Ireland Research Group with Trinity College Dublin

publish results on their evaluation of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs (CDSMP) across Ireland. (2018). See link for abstract.

Stanford Patient Education Chronic Disease Programmes

This is Healthy

A leader talks about the impact of the course from a campaign for Group Health Cooperative/Kaiser Permanete 

ICU Steps - Empathy, not sympathy

Support for people who have been admitted to intensive care units and recovering from critical illness.

Irish Society for Colitis and Crohns Disease.

Living Well with IBD - Self Management Programme